MI6 secret services

We are in 1943, in the middle of the world war.

Following his return from Egypt with his daughter Catherine, Colonel Stewart is recruited by the British secret service MI6 as a liaison agent in New York.

His mission is to help the U.S. Army protect the oil supply convoys, which leave New York for England.

The American oil tankers are being sunk at the mouth of New York Harbor by German submarine U-boats.

In addition, the Allied forces are planning a landing in Europe to launch an offensive against the German front.

Will the Colonel be able to count on the help of a friend who has a unique network of contacts to help him accomplish his mission?

Welcome to the world of the MI6 secret service.

Duration: 65 minutes.

Difficulty level:    4  / 5  

Group of 4 to 6 people recommended, including 2 adults.

Minimum of 3 people per group.

Maximum of 6 people per group.

Private group (you will not be matched).

This room is the follow-up story to our season 1 “God Ra shows the way” game. You don’t need to have played season 1 to play season 2.


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