The British Colonel

British Colonel James Stewart is a man of action and adventure who has had an eventful life: archaeological excavations in Egypt, member of the British secret service and involved in the diamond trade in New York…

Not always easy for a daughter to have a father with such an hectic life…

Step 1: God Râ shows the way.

Apartment recommended for all. The puzzles are accessible but require great team thinking to succeed in your mission. You will be led to find an important object for the Colonel, hidden in his apartment. This game is usually done linearly, but some puzzles could be solved simultaneously.

Step 2: Not yet available
Step 3: Not yet available


You must be able to crouch.

Make sure that every member of the team meets the physical requirements of the apartment.

Duration: 60minutes

15 minutes of explanation and scenario presentation before the beginning of the game.
45 minutes of play to solve the puzzles that will allow you to accomplish your mission. (Adventure game)

Private group of 2 to 6 people (you will not be mixed with other participants).


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