The Detective

For you, Dad.

January 1972. Two suspected kidnappings have occurred in the last 48 hours and the New York Police Department, the NYPD, begins its investigation.

The abduction of a woman from Brookdale Hospital during the night was puzzling. However, the abduction of her 3 children, the next day in their schoolyard, really worries the small community of Park Slope.

There is no doubt that a link exists between the 2 events!

A young NYPD detective, holed up in his highly secured apartment, learns the first results of the investigation.

The clues found by the NYPD technicians at the crime scenes are rather disturbing and surprising.

Duration: 60 minutes

Level of difficulty 3 / 5 For all.

Group of 4 to 6 people recommended.

Maximum weight of 250 lbs, 113 kg.

Minimum height of 3 feet 1 inch, 37 inches, 94 cm.

Minimum of 3 people, including one adult.

Maximum of 6 people per group.

Private group (you will not be paired with other participants).

Stroboscopic light present in the game for a short time.

This scenario is a continuation of the story from our Season 1 ” Water of Life (Detective-1) “. You don’t need to have played Season 1 to play Season 2.


Lucky the Mafioso – 2


The British Colonel – 2


The Kidnapper – 2