Lucky the Mafioso

Lucky Marciano and his gang reign supreme in New York in the alcohol trade during prohibition, in gambling houses, horse racing, prostitution and heroin trafficking.

But are his acquaintances limited to the New York mafia?

Step 1: Run Lucky Run !

Apartment recommended for all, particularly appreciated by adults for its themes and thoughtful puzzles. This game is linear and therefore requires teamwork to solve the puzzles. You’ll have to escape from the apartment, at the very end, through a secret door.

Step 2: Not yet available
Step 3: Not yet available

Duration: 60 minutes

15 minutes of explanation and scenario presentation before the beginning of the game.
45 minutes of play to solve the puzzles that will allow you to escape.

Private group of 2 to 6 people (you will not be mixed with other participants).


The Detective


The British Colonel


The Kidnapper