Lucky’s friends

In 1935 New York, Lucky Marciano and his gang reign supreme on the alcohol trade during prohibition. Lucky and his partner Dansky attempt to maintain control over their operations while under heavy pressure from the New York police, the NYPD.

Meanwhile in Europe, disturbing political changes are emerging, foreshadowing the upcoming world war.

Are you up to the challenge?

Duration: 70 minutes

Difficulty level:  4  / 5   intermediate / advanced

Group of 4 to 6 people recommended, including at least 2 adults.

Minimum of 3 people per group.

Maximum of 6 people per group.

Private group (you will not be matched).

This room is the follow-up story to our first season “Run, Lucky, Run!” game.  You don’t need to have played season 1 to play season 2.


The secret services of MI6

(British Colonel season 2)


For you, dad

(The Detective season 2)


The Wolf is at the Door

(Kidnapper season 2)